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Avery Bradley's offensive woes

Not known for his offense in the first place, Bradley has really struggled lately.

Jared Wickerham

Avery Bradley is struggling with his offense. Now, nobody is going to put the blame for the last 5 games at his feet. In fact, I'd argue that offense is highly secondary to his game. However, with so many other weapons on the sidelines, the need for everyone to step up on both ends becomes highlighted. So Ben Rohrbach took a close look at Bradley's struggles. Including this quote from Doc Rivers.

Green Street " Avery Bradley: Celtics not ‘playing the right way’

"He’s struggling," said Celtics coach Doc Rivers, whose team has lost five straight games. "Listen, Avery’s trying his best. His shot is struggling right now. He can shoot the ball, but when you’re thinking about it, he’s clearly going through something. And so we’re going to have to to try to get him through that. "Especially now with all the guys out, we’re going to need him to be effective. I’m probably going to have to do something to try to get him going more, not less. But I feel for him, because he wants to play hard, he wants to play right, but you can see it. So, we’ll get him going."

On the season he's shooting 40% from the floor, but in the last 5 games (before tonight) he's shooting just 28.8%. Check the link to Green Street and you'll see a lot of that is just flat out missing layups. Hopefully he can get back on track soon.

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