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Reports: Keyon Dooling set to sign with Grizzlies

According to reports, the former Celtic turned Rondo-consultant will sign with the Memphis Grizzlies soon.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Several reports confirm that Keyon Dooling will join the Memphis Grizzlies. First report I saw came from Peter Vescey.

Dooling reportedly had a very positive influence and a tight bond with Rajon Rondo. He decided to retire from basketball before the season began and based on his story, absolutely no one could blame him or wish him anything but the best.

He soon re-surfaced with the Celtics in a "player development coordinator" role that many have assumed meant "personal Rondo life coach." When Rondo was injured, there were rumors that Dooling would return to the Celtics, but those rumors were denied and ultimately shot down. Which makes the following information somewhat confusing.

I'm not sure why he would be rumored to be returning to the Celtics if he was not eligible to be signed by them. But it might have something to do with how and when he was officially waived by the team. As Vescey notes, he is eligible for the playoffs because he was waived (long) before the cutoff date.

Confirming reports:

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