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Terrence Williams gets deal for next year too

The Celtics were happy to lock up Williams for another year - and they hold all the options.


It still remains to be seen what impact Terrence Williams can have on this team - near term or long term - but the potential is there. The same potential that made him a lottery pick a few years back. So Danny did a wise thing by signing him for the rest of the year and giving him another year as well.

Danny Ainge can’t pass up on Terrence Williams | Boston Herald

Terrence Williams, who swears one year in China ironed the immaturity out of his game and attitude, is set to finalize a deal with the Celtics that will not only pay him through the rest of this season, but will guarantee him for next season as well, provided he makes the team. The deal will include several triggers that guarantee the contract in stages.

So basically if he keeps his head on straight and plays anywhere close to his potential, we've got him locked in for another year. If not, no big deal.

Also, as Chris Forsberg points out, there are even more benefits to adding a second year.

Terrence Williams finds his way with Boston Celtics - ESPN Boston

That's not an uncommon practice for late-season pickups, as it essentially gives the Celtics the right of first refusal, keeping Williams in their system through the summer with the opportunity to bring him back at the league minimum if he makes the roster out of training camp. This is also beneficial for Boston because -- as we saw last summer with the likes of Sean Williams, whose nonguaranteed contract was used in part to bring Courtney Lee in on a sign-and-trade deal -- it gives cap-strapped Boston another asset to potentially maneuver with.

No risk, high reward. Good stuff.

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