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Celtics bench stepping up bigtime lately

Gotta love the bigtime contributions from the bench players lately.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Any team can only go so far as their stars will take them. But night in, night out, you'll have close matchups with other teams and the difference between wins and losses often comes down to the contributions of a few non-stars or even non-starters. So what the Celtics have been getting out of their bench, in particular after losing 3 top rotation guys for the year, is huge.

Celts bench proves season shows hope | Boston Herald

Last night, the Bostonians bludgeoned Atlanta with their bench, outscoring the Hawks’ reserves, 46-8, in a 107-102 overtime win. And lest you think this was some type of anomaly, the Celts subs outscored their Indiana counterparts, 29-16, on Wednesday (a two-point win) and beat their Philadelphia friends, 41-22, on Tuesday (an eight-point win). Here against the Hawks, Jason Terry scored the game’s last five points, finishing with 19. Jeff Green had 12, Jordan Crawford nine and Chris Wilcox six, the latter two in 15 and 13 minutes, respectively.

With all these guys, the hope is that they can contribute these kinds of performances more consistently, but we'll take whatever we can get.

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