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Boston Celtics bitten by TWolves 100-110

My 3 hopes for the postseason: KG, Pierce, and Defense... none of them were available for tonight's game.

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Avery Bradley started out on fire scoring 15 points in the first half. It almost seemed like he'd match Rubio blow for blow for a while there. Then Pekovic just hammered the Celtics in the paint scoring bucket after bucket (finished with 29). The Wolves pulled away for an early lead and then contented themselves to trade baskets for the rest of the night. Whenever the Celtics seemed ready to make a run, the Wolves pushed it back to double digits again. Celtics just didn't have enough in the tank tonight.

Let's see here, silver linings: Shavlik Randolph and Terrence Williams each had 14 points off the bench. As I mentioned already, Bradley seemed to have a scoring groove early on. Jeff Green only scored 10 points but he had 5 assists (some really nifty ones to Shav) and I think he played a pretty good all around game. Beyond that... meh.

Nights like this are why I lose sleep worrying about what the team will look like in the post KG/Pierce era.

If you are checking the standings, the Bucks look like they'll take care of the Bobcats and pull within one game of stealing the 7th seed from us. So there's that.

Next three games are Detroit, Cleveland, and Washington. Once upon a time I'd hope for a winning streak against that bunch, but clearly nothing is a given at this point.

Final - 4.1.2013 1 2 3 4 Total
Boston Celtics 25 27 26 22 100
Minnesota Timberwolves 27 30 27 26 110

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