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Early summer trade rumor: Paul Pierce could still be traded

Make it stop.


I hesitate even to bring this up, because it is really more speculation than it is rumor. However, I suppose it is something to keep an eye on whenever our team finishes up in the postseason and it is sure to generate some discussion. So here you go: The dreaded return of rumors season - especially in relation to Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce.

Green Street » Irish Coffee: Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett trade rumors return

These two names were certainly hot before the trade deadline. A lot of people were wondering if Garnett might go to the Clippers or Paul might get moved. If something’s going to happen with either one of them or both of them, the summer is a better time for that, because you’re not in a rush. There’s no real big deadline. You can think about it. Even draft night is a possibility.

He goes on to point out that Garnett would probably just retire before accepting a trade to another team but Pierce seems more open to the idea of finishing out his current contract.

I know that Danny Ainge will kick the tires on just about anything, but I still don't see a Pierce trade as being very realistic. Will the Josh Smith trade resurface as a sign-and-trade option (with Pierce conceivably going to a 3rd team)? Sounds complicated. Will the Clippers come calling if they fall short in the postseason and see Pierce as being the missing puzzle piece? Perhaps. I suppose they could dangle that same DeAndre/Bledsoe package they were offering for KG. But I think they'd prefer a longer term solution instead.

At the end of the day, Wyc and the owners are big Paul Pierce fans and they know how much he means to the paying customers. So while I'm sure they'd approve a home run type of deal, I'm not sure if they'd sign off on a deal even if it made the Celtics only (maybe) marginally better on the court.

Besides, it is kind of a package deal. You trade Pierce and KG likely will retire on the spot and you get nothing else there. Then you are in full scale rebuilding mode. That might be inevitable, but I'm not sure if I'm ready for that yet. I think I'd prefer another year of Pierce and Garnett - perhaps even coming off the bench on reduced minutes. But I'm a sentimentalist.

The point is, this amazing ride for Paul Pierce is going to end someday, somehow. I hope it ends with a tearful retirement ceremony at the end of his last game in Boston rather than an injury or a trade. But we don't always get what we want.

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