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Streaky but strong first half - Celtics vs. Knicks game 1 of the playoffs

Jeff Green has 20 points and the Celtics have a 4 point lead at the half.


The Celtics hit a couple of shots early on then watched the Knicks go on a big run led by Carmelo Anthony's hot shooing. They answered with their own big run led by Jeff Green. Then the Knicks dropped a bunch of 3's and the Celtics answered back.

How about Jeff Green being aggressive and making shots from all over the court? Love that.

Avery Bradley was playing defense and making good, hard cuts to the rim for layups. Some pretty horrible passes though for turnovers.

We laughed when Doc said that he'd try Brandon Bass on Carmelo, but he's done about as good a job as anyone.

Only 2 points off the bench so far (Lee) - so there's room for growth there.

No shock here - a lot of Carmelo and lots of 3's from the Knicks.

Good, entertaining first half. Need an equally strong 2nd half to steal home court advantage.

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