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Offseason Open Thread: What are the next steps for the Boston Celtics?

Because I know you want to talk about it.

There's still at least one game to be played, but I think we're all pretty much prepared for the inevitable. I need a little bit of time to collect my thoughts and write about the upcoming summer, but I know many of you can't wait for that. So rather than mixing it into the other posts, I'll just leave this thread up here for you folks to comment on and discuss the offseason ahead.

Topics may include:

  • Will Kevin Garnett and/or Paul Pierce retire?
  • If not, will they be traded?
  • Will Rajon Rondo be traded?
  • The NBA Draft
  • Free agents
  • Who should we keep, who should we try to get rid of?
  • For that matter, does Doc stick around?
  • Should we run it back one more time? (Perhaps with reduced roles for KG and Pierce)

It is going to be a VERY interesting summer.

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