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Danny Ainge expects Doc Rivers to return

It sure sounds like at least Doc Rivers is coming back next year.


There are a lot of variables and uncertainties in this offseason, but it sounds like one thing is getting clearer. The odds of Doc Rivers leaving the Celtics appear to be very low.

Ainge plans on Doc | Boston Herald

"I talk to Doc all of the time, and we’re talking about our plans for next year," said Ainge, who left yesterday for Chicago to attend the NBA’s pre-draft combine. Though Ainge is unsure of whether Rivers will make an appearance in Chicago, he continues to move forward as the coach will remain in place. "I only expect Doc to say something to me if he is not coming back," Ainge said.

That mirrors Doc's comments after his press conference where he also said something to the effect of "I'm coming back until I'm not coming back."

This also makes a great deal of sense given the 5 year extension he signed last year. He was shown a great deal of loyalty by Ainge in the lean years before the Kevin Garnett trade and it sure looks like the coach would like to repay that loyalty.

So until further notice, that appears to be one piece that is in place.

For the record, Ainge indicated to Mark Murphy that he has not spoken to Paul Pierce or Kevin Garnett about their future plans yet.

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