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Jared Sullinger is coming back like Simba from the Lion King

You read that right.


Jared Sullinger had lumbar disc surgery in February and has been cleared to begin physical activity and is on schedule to return by training camp. He had to wait nine weeks before working out again and that created a lot of down time for him. What did he do? For one thing, he watched Lion King a lot.

Sullinger approaching recovery with patience | Comcast SportsNet -

When he wanted to clear his mind, he watched one of his childhood favorite movies. "I've watched 'The Lion King' four times (since surgery)," said Sullinger. "Rafiki the monkey makes me laugh. It was a family movie when I was growing up. I like it because it teaches you you can always overcome. I'm like Simba."

I love it. I also love this, which I wish I had written.

Jared Sullinger injury: Boston Celtics forward likens himself to 'The Lion King' character Simba |

The Simba comparison doesn't work perfectly here, since that would be relatng a man's back surgery to the death of a cartoon lion's uncle, and rehabilitation from the aforementioned surgery to Simba's return to his lion civilization in order to overthrow his dangerous and corrupt uncle, Scar. But if we can expand the metaphor to label Jordan Crawford as Timon and Brandon Bass as Pumbaa, and somehow convince Kevin Garnett to sing 'Hakuna Matata', I'm all for it.

Nicely done Jay King.

In other news, it sounds like he's kept in close contact to Kevin Garnett who is "constantly talking" to him. That sounds like Garnett. He also has developed a bond with fellow surgery-recovery mate Rajon Rondo.

It is nice to hear that things are going smoothly for the young man that just turned 21 during his rehab. I'm looking forward to big things from the big man next year.

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