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Stephen A. Smith back with more Doc Rivers rumors

He just won't let this Doc Rivers thing die. Is there smoke there or is this just one man barking up the wrong tree?


Stephen A. Smith is hearing buzzing noises again. Maybe he should get that checked out.

Stephen A. hearing more Celtics whispers - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

"According to my sources, Doc Rivers has intimated to people he’s close to that (leaving the Celtics) was something that he thought about, in terms of moving forward. As far as I’m concerned, he’s still thinking about it," Smith said. "But he is under contract with Boston. Boston would have to let him out of his contract and give him permission to talk to somebody else, and I’m not sure he’s that willing. It would have to be a great, great opportunity."

As for Danny's comments about Doc being the coach next year, Smith was very dismissive.

"Danny Ainge's words, in this matter, mean nothing to me. Absolutely nothing."

To be fair, it does sound like Ainge has not "officially" asked Doc if he's returning. If you read the quotes carefully enough, it sounds like Ainge is just assuming based on his interactions that Doc is returning.

Danny Ainge: Enough! Doc’s our coach | Boston Herald

"I don’t even know why I get asked this question," he said. "Doc is coaching next year. As far as everything I know, he’s going to be our coach. "I haven’t heard anything other than Doc’s coaching next year."

Perhaps he knows that Doc would consider another opportunity if it was presented but doesn't want to admit that publicly. I don't know, I guess we'll see.

Personally I'm going to take what he says literally. Until someone tells me otherwise, Doc is coming back.

With that said, Doc could squash this pretty easily by coming out and saying flat out "I'm going to coach the Boston Celtics next year." Hopefully that is coming soon.

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