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Hypothetical trade idea (conversation between Danny Ainge and Kevin Garnett)

A purely made up hypothetical conversation that might happen between Danny Ainge and Kevin Garnett. Did I mention that this is fictional?

Jared Wickerham


KG: Sup.

Ainge: Hey Kevin, how's it going? How's the family? How are you feeling?

KG: I'm good, we good, we all good. Chillin' ya-know? Sup wit choo?

Ainge: Well, as you can imagine, we've been very busy. Speaking of which, I know you are busy so I'll cut to the chase. We've got a very interesting scenario that we'd like to run past you and see how you feel about it.

KG: I'm listening.

Ainge: So you might have heard the rumors in the media about the interest that the Clippers had in you at the deadline. Well, all of that was legit and they are still interested. Or more specifically, Chris Paul is very interested. You see, he's calling the shots over there right now. Whatever he wants, they'll give him to get him to re-sign. And right now he wants you. In fact, he wants both you AND Paul.

KG: For real?

Ainge: Yeah, seems like he's jealous of all his friends getting rings and advancing in the playoffs and he wants to win now. He knows that the current group won't get it done and he doesn't want any part of the Dwightmare he just watched in the same city. So the best option he's got is you guys.

KG: So how would that even work?

Ainge: Well, it is tricky, but stay with me. We've got it all pre-arranged but there are several moving parts. First, we'll waive Pierce. We're only on the hook for $5M of his salary and he becomes a free agent after he clears waivers. In theory, any team with $15M in cap space that wants to take on his whole contract could claim him. But nobody that would want him is going to have that kind of cash before the June 30 deadline. Besides, most of the teams with that much money would rather wait to see if they can use all that cap space to sign Dwight Howard or Chris Paul. So it is all but a given that he hits the market as a free agent.

KG: Ok, first of all, you crazy to be just cutting the Truth. Why would you do that?

Ainge: Well, we just feel like it has been a wonderful run, longer than any of us even expected, but it is time to move on. We'd love to be able to surround you guys with young stars that could give you one last chance at a title, but we just don't have the resources to do it. At least not in Boston. But perhaps we can give you that in Los Angeles.

KG: A'ight, fine, whatever. So you're moving on. How's this cutting PP gonna help us get to LA?

Ainge: Glad you asked. Waiving Pierce is just the first step. The next is re-visiting that trade that we discussed at the trade deadline. There were a lot of reasons it never got to the point of bringing it up with you, but now they are in and they want to deal. So we trade you (provided we get your permission of course) to the Clippers for DeAndre Jordan, Eric Bledsoe, and a lottery protected first round pick.

KG: Wait wait wait, is this that funny business S.A.S. was yappin about with Doc getting "traded" too?

Ainge: No, sorry, Doc is going to stay here in Boston. He appreciates how I stuck by him during the losing years and he feels like he wants to pay me back with a few more years as we try to rebuild on the fly.

KG: So you want Doc to be loyal but you can't be loyal to PP and me? That's messed up.

Ainge: Listen, I've tried. Believe me I've tried to do everything I could to get you guys another shot at a ring, but sometimes it is just time to move on. Just like when you had to admit it was time to leave Minnesota. You got put into a great position after that and now you might have another shot at it in LA.

The Clips are excited about this because they get to take a legit shot at a title with you, Paul, CP3, and Blake Griffin and the next year they are right back to having cap space and options to look at. We get to move on with the development process and start filling in pieces around Rondo. Everyone wins.

KG: Sounds like you got it all figured out. You mixing up some weird chemicals ya mad scientist. You got some thermite and you got some liquid nitrogen and you sprinkling in some gun powder and a dash of Cuban cigar just to give it that extra bit of class, you know? You mad man, you mad, ...and you know what? I dig that about you.

Ainge: Umm, ... thanks man. So what do you say, will you consider it?

KG: I dunno man, that's a lot to think about. Let me mull it over and get back at you. Give my love to Doc and the rest of the crew.

Ainge: Will do. Take care.

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