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Celtics deny Brooklyn Nets permission to speak to Doc Rivers

Danny Ainge said "Nyet" to the Nets.

Jared Wickerham

Doc Rivers keeps saying "I'm coming back until I say I'm not coming back" which is somewhat of a non-committal type of commitment, but personally I'm happy to take him at his face-value word on that. Even moreso with this latest bit of information. Apparently the Nets wanted permission to discuss their open coaching position with Doc and were given the old Heisman by Danny Ainge.

Sources -- Brooklyn Nets contacted Boston Celtics about Doc Rivers - ESPN Boston

Boston Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge was contacted by the Brooklyn Nets, who wanted to speak to Doc Rivers about their vacant coaching position, team and league sources confirmed to Ainge, according to those sources, denied the Nets permission to talk with his coach, who has three years and $21 million remaining on his contract.

Now, were they denied because he's under contract and the Celtics have the right to deny them access? Or did they talk to Doc and get a sense for how much he wanted to discuss things with the Nets first? Not that it matters in the end, just blogger curiosity.

(Sarcasm alert): I guess Danny must have said something like "The Clippers are offering Blake Griffin for Doc, what have you got? And don't try selling me on Humphries and MarShon Brooks again."

What is perhaps even more interesting in Jackie MacMullen's article is the anecdote that last year (presumably before he signed the contract extension with the Celtics).

Doc Rivers shows no signs of leaving Boston Celtics

That will not stop the offers from coming. Last season, the Orlando Magic offered Rivers the job of team president, which would have entailed everything from schmoozing with corporate sponsors to running the front office. Though he had previously insisted he had "little to no interest" in running a franchise, the financial windfall and unilateral power that would come with such a position (not to mention the proximity to his home base) gave him some brief pause. Ultimately, Rivers rebuffed the Magic and determined he wasn't done coaching.

So basically Doc turned down a big promotion, much higher pay, and a chance to work near his home, all to stay with the Boston Celtics.

Dear rest-of-the-NBA (In honor of the Office finale),...

Boom, roasted.

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