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Report: Doc Rivers' return to Celtics not certain

Doc is coming back until he says he's not coming back, but what if he says he's not coming back?

jazz hands
jazz hands

Well, it sounds like there's a reason why neither Doc nor anyone on the team would come right out and say with authority that he's coming back next season. Because he still has to make up his mind.

Sources: Doc’s return to Celts no sure thing | Boston Herald

There still is the possibility — stress possibility — Rivers will choose to walk away from his contract to coach the Celts. A source close to the situation, however, insists it remains far more likely he will return. The word as expressed to us is that it is "90-10" that Rivers will continue on a contract that has three years and $21 million remaining. If he leaves the Celtics, it will not be with the intent of coaching another team.

Sounds like he won't be coaching for anyone else next year, and the odds are still that he'll be back, but we just don't know until we know for sure.

At this point I have to wonder what's holding back his decision. Is it purely a personal preference thing? Or is it more situational? Like for instance, if Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett are not on the team next year, does that make Doc less likely to return? If so, why on Earth did he sign a 5 year extension?

And if Doc wanted to sit out a year or more, who would replace him at the helm? I've watched other teams flounder around with coaching searches and I have to say I do not want to jump into that kiddie pool filled with who-knows-what.

So now we can officially add Doc to the "will he be back" watch - if he wasn't already on there before.

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