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Terrence Williams: 'Two sides to every story'

Terrence Williams was in Boston for workouts and wanted to at least partially set the record straight.


Williams: 'Two sides to every story' - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

"We all know there’s two sides to every story," said Williams. "That’s all I’m going to say about that, I’m not crazy. You guys have been around me for whatever 2 ½ months, I’m not crazy at all." Later he added, "Before anything, I’m a father. Before anything, my job is to protect my kid. And to be there... Just dropping my son off, and something turns bad. It doesn’t affect me, because I’m a father at the end of the day -- no basketball, no NBA, no nothing. I’m a father. I’m fortunate to be here, to be able to work out, to be able to come to this facility and still be on the team now. I can’t let it affect me because the people that are saying the negative things, they don’t really control my life or my future." Williams expressed frustration at being portrayed as the villain despite a lack of charges brought against him to this point.

Celtics Insider | Boston Herald

It’s very frustrating because I was there. I know what happened. I know what didn’t happen. To anybody reading, and to anybody writing stories, they’re making me out to be this bandit. Whatever that guy’s name was in Public Enemy No. 1 a long time ago? John Dillinger. They made me out to be like I was there. But all you can do is pray and move forward, and that’s what I’ve been doing my whole life.

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