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Rajon Rondo appearance on Fashion Police

Yep, this is news right now.

Jared Wickerham

I realize that this is not exactly hard hitting news, but it is the best I've got for you right now. I didn't know this was a show, so... I guess that's "news to me."

Rondo's blazer trashed on Fashion Police - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Rajon Rondo brought his infamous zebra-style blazer -- one he wore to the podium after a playoff game a couple seasons back -- to E!'s Fashion Police and the panel/audience voted to trash it (Rondo couldn't bring himself to throw it in the can and deferred instead to panelist Giuliana Rancic).

CELTICS GREEN BLOG by and for boston celtics fans: Rajon Rondo Guest Stars on Fashion Police Along with His Zebra Jacket from Last Year's Playoffs

Rondo is fully into fashion as we saw from last year's internship with GQ in the off season and last night he guest starred on the Fashion Police with Joan Rivers. He is surprisingly good on these shows.

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