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Latest Paul Pierce rumor deemed "laughable" by team source

As expected...

Jared Wickerham

As quickly as a rumor bubbles up to the surface, the daily news cycle is there to pop it.

Celtics 'likely' to buy out Pierce? Not exactly | Comcast SportsNet -

The latest comes to us from the News-Herald in Ohio, which ran a story that cited sources indicating that Boston is now “likely” to buy Pierce out of his contract. But for it’s worth, I spoke with a team source this weekend who immediately laughed off this report. The funny part wasn’t the idea that the Celtics will buy out Pierce, because, as we know, that’s obviously within the realm of possibility. The joke was the suggestion that the C’s are “likely” to do anything at this point in time.

Yup. Too early to tell. Wake me when it gets closer to draft night.

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