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For Kevin Garnett, health is the biggest factor

This isn't exactly breaking news, but rather a small kernel of information to chew on.


Ainge: No decision yet on Pierce's future | Comcast SportsNet -

A league source told that the biggest factor in Garnett's return will be his health, and whether the perennial All-Star feels he can still compete at a level he is accustomed to. "If his body isn't where he wants it to be, Paul's return is a moot point of discussion," the source said. Ainge said he has not spoken with Garnett or his representatives about the future Hall of Famer's future, nor have Ainge and the C's made a decision on whether Pierce will be back, bought out, or traded.

Garnett has often lamented that if we knew what he had to go through in order to get ready to play each game, we'd be shocked. Well, then I wouldn't be too shocked if he retired either.

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