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NBA Draft rumors and news bits from Chad Ford

Little nuggets of information from Chad Ford.


Chad Ford isn't always the best judge of talent or team needs, but he's got a pretty good finger on the pulse of the draft and talks to a lot of GMs. So looking at his latest Big Board can provide some early insights on how things are shaking out.

Ford previously had Steven Adams (who was worked out by the Celtics and is favored by Scalabrine among others) ranked at 23 but now has him all the way up to 12.

No prospect has helped himself over the past few weeks than Adams...While no one thinks he's quite ready for the NBA, many are making the argument that he could end up being as good as Noel and Len in a few seasons.

Gorgui Dieng falls all the way to 25 on Ford's board but the Celtics are mentioned and he notes that there could be a "serious run on bigs in the teens."

Giannis Adetokunbo is way down at 29 on the board but there's a note on the Celtics there too.

His draft range is as wide open as anyone in the draft. I could see him go as high as No. 16 to Boston, or further down in the first round to Oklahoma City at 29.

He mentions again that PG Dennis Schroeder is rumored to have a draft promise but he doesn't know by whom.

That's what I was able to find. See the rest here if you have Insider access.

2013 NBA Draft - Victor Oladipo rising in ranking of top 30 prospects - ESPN

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