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Rumor: Celtics made promise to draft Dennis Schroeder

The promise Dennis Schroeder received to be drafted in the first round is coming from Boston, according to

Joern Pollex

The Boston Celtics are reportedly the team that extended a first-round promise to select Dennis Schroeder in the upcoming draft, according to

The news that Schroeder received a promise was first revealed during the draft combine. The dynamic point guard also indicated that Utah and Milwaukee are his most desired destinations. The Jazz and Bucks pick at No. 14 and No. 15, respectively, right before Boston.

Initially, even with the Celtics possibly being the team to offer the promise because of their point guard need and their position in the draft, it seemed unlikely. As many have expressed, Schroeder is very similar to Rajon Rondo, both in how he plays and his measurables. It doesn't necessarily make much sense to have both players on the same team.

With the rumor that the Celtics will target Paul Millsap or Al Jefferson in the offseason, the promise looks more intriguing. Could the Celtics draft Schroeder, then package him with Paul Pierce to Utah for Millsap or Jefferson? Why wouldn't the Jazz just select Schroeder at No. 14 if the interest is mutual?

Maybe, and this is just speculation, Utah also values another player in the draft and is hoping to end up with both that player and Schroeder with the help of Boston in a trade. Who knows, but with all the rumors flying around today, the draft just got much more interesting for the Celtics.

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