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Danny Ainge giving everyone a week off to breathe

Rumors are running rampant but believe nothing until you hear it from Wojo.


From the zany to the mundane, we've heard everything already and the week is just getting started. As usual everyone has an opinion of what the Celtics could do. As usual there's a rumor under every rock that is getting unearthed by reporters and analysts everywhere. Yesterday we were treated with rumors that the Nets were interested in stealing away Doc Rivers and that the Clips would be interested in trading for Pierce, KG, and ...Doc Rivers. A rumor that a Celtics source told Dickerson was "absurd." I don't think the source went far enough, but that's neither here nor there.

The latest one I've seen is from Mr. Quack Quack.

Diagnosis: Celtics need Doc | Boston Herald

Meanwhile, Cedric Maxwell, the colorful color man on the Celts’ radio broadcasts, said he believes Rivers, Garnett and Pierce will all be gone before next season. How that all unfolds we’re not sure, but Max just spent the last eight months hanging around those guys. He hears things.

Yes, he hears things. But that doesn't mean he knows things. We got reports last year that Garnett was retiring, ...right up until he announced he was back. Danny Ainge himself has said that he's not even trying to talk to Pierce, Garnett, or even Doc for the next week. He's giving them all time to "breathe" and enjoy time with family. That is, of course, the right move. No reason to press someone into a decision while the emotions are still raw.

Anyway, not all the decisions are in the hands of the players. Danny has to do his due diligence and figure out what his plan is going forward. Then again, it sounds like he's had at least a few plans at the ready for years now.

Ainge takes time on future | Boston Herald

Ainge was asked during the season whether he thought Rivers was interested in staying on the bench if the Celtics had to go into a heavy reconstruction phase that would likely entail a step back. Ainge said at the time that Rivers had already been discussing with him what might be needed to make that type of period as brief as possible.

"We’ve talked about it for the last couple of years," Ainge said yesterday. "I mean, Doc’s known that this time of transition may come this year, next year, last year, whenever. He’s known there could be a transition in the course of the contract that he’s under."

So call it a "bridge year" or a "time of transition" or the dreaded "rebuilding phase" or whatever you like. It is coming sooner or later. Just don't plan on hearing all the details about it this week. We've got nearly 2 months till the NBA Draft (man I don't like being out of the playoffs so early). We've got the entire offseason to discuss the next steps and the years ahead. No need to rush anything.

Of course that won't stop the rumors from coming in. Just remember at this time of year to take everything with a grain of salt and consider the fact that anyone offering a rumor has an angle they are trying to sell.

So take some advice from Danny. Breathe, enjoy some time with your family, ...and refresh CelticsBlog every 30 seconds.

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