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Still waiting on Doc's official decision to return

We're waaaaaaiiiiting!

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Despite all the indications that Doc is indeed coming back, we haven't officially heard from Doc's lips that he is, indeed, coming back. Fans aren't the only one's growing concerned about that.

Danny Ainge, Doc Rivers quite the pair | Boston Herald

According to some folks who have basketball business with the club, there is growing concern that Doc Rivers has yet to make a public declaration he will continue to lead from the bench. He has remained in regular contact with the Celts, discussing the team’s direction for next season and beyond . . . but the definitive word has been yet unheard.

In fact, he was on the air with Stephen A. Smith (king of the Doc's still unsure rumor mill) and the topic didn't come up once.

Doc surfaces, but doesn't talk future - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

He was not asked about his future in Boston, but in closing the segment, Stephen A. said this: “In the very near future you will be hearing from me again to talk about your Boston Celtics.”

Not sure what that means, but it sounds ominous. Probably by design and for added melodrama on S.A.S.'s part.

With all that said, it certainly sounds like Ainge is not all that worried.

Waiting game continues for C's | Boston Herald

The president of basketball operations has yet to have a discussion about the future with either Pierce or Garnett, and, with so much on his part to get done before he can offer them meaningful answers to what he expects will be their questions, Ainge doesn’t seem in a hurry. “We’re giving them as much time as they need,” he said. “I talk to Doc every day. The other two guys, I have not talked with yet.

So Danny keeps working the phones and keeping Doc updated on all the latest developments and we sit and wait for an official word. From Doc, from KG, from Ainge or Pierce, whatever works. However, I'll note that we've got about a month till the draft. So expect more rumors and more speculation in the coming weeks.

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