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Mailbag Answers: Pre-draft offseason edition - Part I

You had questions, I have answers. Results may vary.

Jim Rogash

gregbert "Any chance Danny can trade some mid-level talent (Lee, Terry,Bass) for another mid to late 1st round pick? Wouldn't you love Dennis Schroeder AND Gorgui Dieng?"

Me: In theory that sounds like a good idea, in particular if you can offload Terry. For any of those guys, however, it would mean taking on someone else's bad salary - and if we're getting a first rounder in the deal, it would likely be a really bad salary. So I'm not sure it would be worth it when we can just keep our own guys and hope that Bass plays as well as he did in the postseason and that Lee plays a lot better for us in the future.

Hagis Does Fab have a Realistic shot to make the Celtics? And I am sneaking in the second part, can he help more that the current roster Bigs? I really like this guy; he seems to have the right attitude and up side to develop into an average or even above average center. And The Great Carnac sez!

Me: I think Fab has a great shot with the team. He wasn't expected to do anything last year but learn in Maine and that's what he did. Project picks are just that, projects. He might not pan out, but they'll be patient with him and let him prove himself or not over the next year or so.

djgaud Is our current roster really that bad, are we forcing them to play in a system that doesn't fit their style of play or is it a combination of both? Seems like we can be inflexible at times with the system.

Me: I suppose it is true that Doc likes to set up defined roles and hold people to those roles and that can be limiting sometimes. However, when everyone is filling their roles well, it makes for a smoother flowing machine and that process can produce great results. The we-not-me mentality is the backbone of the Celtics defense and it works. Now if only they could put the ball in the basket more often. Is that talent or system? Probably a bit of both.

Celtic_07 If the celtics decide to start rebuilding this summer (meaning get rid of PP and KG) how long will it take for them to become a championship contender?

Me: That all depends on how Pierce and KG go. If Pierce gets cut and KG retires, then I'd say we'd need several years. If either one gets traded for an All Star and the other one for good support pieces, it could be fairly soon - though that seems unlikely.

Boogie 2 C's Do the Celtics have enough assets to pry troubled Boogie Cousins away form the Kings? I don't want to go back to the lottery so taking a chance on a troubled talent feels like the best way to extend the window and utilize our veterans influence while the locker room still has guys like KG, Pierce & Terry. Is it possible? What would it take?

Me: We would have the right assets if we would be willing to give up Rajon Rondo but I don't think I'm up for that. I'll take the diva that I know over the one that I don't.

Kevin O'Connor Jeff, how did you become a Celtics fan? Family? Friends? Is there a specific experience you remember that made you say to yourself that you are a Celtics fan?

Me: The 1985 Finals was the setup and the 1986 Finals was the spike. Watching those battles at the tender ages of 10 and 11 were enough to make me hooked for life. I can still feel my parents carpet under my elbows as I gazed up at the muted TV with Johnny Most's voice coming through the radio speakers. Good times.

I think I'll cut it off there for now and pick up some more of the questions in another installment in the non-committal "soon." Thanks everyone.

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