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Doc Rivers would "rather not say" if he's made a decision

Watch as I read between the lines for no reason at all.


Here's the latest non-news news about Doc Rivers.

Doc Rivers remains mum on future -Celtics blog - Boston Globe basketball news

Rivers himself has not confirmed that and with the Celtics season being over for five weeks, speculation has grown that the beloved coach is seriously considering stepping down. When asked if he is still in the decision-making process, Rivers told the Globe "I’d rather not say."

He only promised that he would speak publicly about his situation "soon."

Blah blah blah. He hasn't made up his mind yet. Or wait, are we sure of that?

Alert: Serious reading between the lines time.

He didn't say that he hasn't made up his mind, just that he'd rather not say. That would seem to indicate that he's made up his mind and wants to reveal it at a later time. In fact, he promised to speak publicly about it "soon." So maybe he'll call a press conference and make a major announcement. Perhaps he's made up his mind to step down from coaching and is working on a contract with ESPN or TNT and wants to wait and see how that process goes before making the news public!

Maybe that means that he knows that Ainge is trading Pierce and KG is not coming back. Maybe they're still waiting on the details of the trade(s) to get worked out before they can move forward!


Ok, ok, wait. On the other hand, maybe, just maybe, he just wants some space and wants some space to breathe with his family and his own decision making process. Or perhaps he's made up his mind to stay and doesn't want to lose any leverage he has with Danny to nudge him to keep the gang together one more year. It could mean any number of things.

I do think the first domino to fall will be a decision on Paul Pierce. If he's still a Celtic after June 30th then chances are pretty good that the gang is coming back. If he's traded before that, well, anything goes. With all that said, Doc might just be the best early indicator of what's coming next. Which is why I'm watching his words like a hawk. Or is that a do-do bird?

tick tick tick

(is that a clock or a bomb?)

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