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Chad Ford's Celtics Big Board BINGO

Bored? Here's a game to pass the time.


Chad Ford released his latest Big Board today (sorry, Insider only). In it, you can read where he's ranked all the prospects and pick up some quick hit notes on various teams. The Celtics happen to be mentioned quite a bit, although most of it is just "player X worked out for the Celtics, among other teams."

In fact, the Celtics are mentioned so often that you could take all the names in his top 30, scatter them onto a bingo board, and play a game of Chad Ford's Celtics Big Board BINGO, or CFCBBBINGO for short.

To make it easy for you, here are the various names that have the Celtics mentioned in their blurbs.

  • Steven Adams - "his range is 9 - 16 right now" - also mentions that the Celtics worked him out
  • Kentavious Caldwell-Pope - C's will work him out this week
  • Mason Plumlee - C's worked him out and "desperately need size"
  • Jamaal Franklin - C's will work him out this week
  • Shane Larkin - C's worked him out
  • Dennis Schroeder - "range now appears to be the 14 - 16 window" though workouts haven't gone that well
  • Allen Crabbe - workout with C's coming up
  • Ricardo Ledo - worked out with Celtics - "I wouldn't count out a team like Boston taking him high. GM Danny Ainge hasn't been afraid to roll the dice on talented young players, and Ledo has one of the highest ceilings in the draft."

So, did anyone get BINGO? Hopefully Ainge will on Draft night.

Other notables from Ford's list (not a mock draft, just a Big Board designed to rank the players regardless of teams drafting):

  • McLemore slips all the way to 5.
  • Saric at 11, might be a draft and stash overseas option for the Mavs (if he says in the draft)
  • Shabazz, Plumlee, and Olynyk were ranked 14, 15, 16 for what it is worth
  • Project bigs: Gobert is 21, Nogueria 24, Dieng 28, and Jeff Withey falls right out of the top 30!

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