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Danny Ainge expects Rajon Rondo to be better

He's getting better physically and he's getting better at basketball by watching.


Rajon Rondo is probably the most important and critical player for the Celtics going forward. So obviously the team is heavily invested in his continual improvement. As good as he is, there's still room for advancement and refining. He's as proud and stubborn as ever, but he's also very bright and he sees and hears all.

Notebook: Danny Ainge expects to see an improved Rajon Rondo | Boston Herald
"I think Rondo is a smart guy, and he got to see the strengths and weaknesses of our team and the players," said Ainge. "I think he actually started to see it even before he was out, but when you’re out, you can see things in your team and your teammates that maybe you didn’t see before. You see players that are capable of doing some things that maybe you weren’t sure they could do. I think that’s always helpful. Doc and I have both talked to Rajon about what he can do to get better and what he needs to do. "And Rondo’s a smart kid on his own. He doesn’t listen to everything you say, but he’s got his own ideas of what he can do to get better, as well. He’s very observant, very street-smart and very basketball-smart, too. "I always think he’s getting better."

Ainge also talks about Rondo's improved maturity and his aggressive rehab routine (there's still no firm timetable).

I don't know about you, but I'm very much looking forward to seeing Rajon back on a basketball court (provided he's fully healed). Regardless of who's around him, he's going to be a focal point for everything we do (barring a huge trade involving him).

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