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Rumor: Doc's dream scenario is coaching KG to title with Clippers

At least, that's what "a source" says.


For that to happen, a trade would have to happen.

Boston Celtics rumors 2013: Doc Rivers' 'dream scenario' is coaching Kevin Garnett on the Los Angeles Clippers |

Garnett would need to waive his no-trade clause before any deal with the Clippers could be struck. According to Holmes, the 15-time All-Star would likely do so for another chance to compete for a title with Rivers. "A possible package could include Rivers and the 37-year-old Garnett heading to the Clippers," wrote Holmes, "with point guard Eric Bledsoe, center DeAndre Jordan, and two first-round draft picks heading to the Celtics."

If that's the package, at this point I think I'd be tempted to take it. Not sure where Paul Pierce fits into this scenario though. Maybe going to a 3rd team?

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