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Rumor: Ainge may expect a lot from the Clippers in any trade

Doc STILL has not stated his intentions, but already rumors are breaking out about what could make a move to LA happen.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

One thing I do appreciate about Danny Ainge is that he always asks for the moon first. Why not? Someday he might just get it from someone. He already did it with the Sonics and Timberwolves. Why not again?

Doc Rivers to Clippers is 'far-fetched' possibility, NBA execs say -

Two executives said the first thing Ainge would want is young players such as Clippers center DeAndre Jordan and Eric Bledsoe, and an expiring contract such as Caron Butler’s $8-million deal. Then Ainge would want to trade a veteran player such as 37-year-old Kevin Garnett (he has a no-trade clause) and add guards Courtney Lee and Jason Terry in the deal to the Clippers. Ainge also would want two first-round draft picks from the Clippers, the executives said.

Boom. Talk about kick starting the rebuilding effort. Granted, the first rounders wouldn't be very high picks, but still. Picks, cap space, and young players are all gold in rebuilding lingo and that would be quite a haul. As others have noted, in theory we could flip Bledsoe for Milsap or work out a future trade where Rondo brings back value as well.

Again, no idea how Pierce works into all of this, but perhaps he'd be waived and would sign as a MLE in LA?

Before we get too carried away, the point of the LA Times article seems to be that this whole process of getting Doc to the Clippers is extremely complex and the price might just be too high for the historically cheap Donald Sterling. So all this is wild speculation at this point.

Do I need to tell you to stay tuned? Probably not.

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