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Doc Rivers has strong non-compete clause in contract

Makes it difficult for teams to pry him away from Celtics without compensation.

the real GM in LAC
the real GM in LAC

In case you were wondering why people are talking about draft picks being demanded in order to hire Doc Rivers, here's why.

Via Ken Berger

The clause says that Rivers cannot work for another NBA team for the duration of his contract. He has three years and $21 million remaining on the deal. Rivers, 51, would be free to leave the Celtics, forfeit the remaining salary owed and return to broadcasting. But if he wanted to coach another team -- such as the Clippers, a scenario for which there is mutual interest -- the clause in Rivers' contract could substantially strengthen Celtics president Danny Ainge's negotiating position in asking for compensation.

Of course the Clippers also just interviewed Lionel Hollins today, so they might just decide it isn't worth all the trouble.

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