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NBA Trade Rumors: Taking stock of the "stalled" trade talks between Boston and the Clippers

According to several reports, the trade talks have apparently "stalled." The Clippers think that the Celtics are asking for too much.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Rumor: Clippers, Celtics Reach Impasse - Clips Nation

Here's what the Clippers want:

Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett for DeAndre Jordan and a 1st round pick

Here's what the Celtics want:

Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett for DeAndre Jordan, Eric Bledsoe, and 2 1st round picks

It's not a huge difference- Eric Bledsoe and a future first round pick are the pieces that are stopping this trade from happening. According to Turner, the Clippers aren't willing to give Boston either of the two. I would be interested to know if Boston would accept a trade of Jordan and two picks, without Bledsoe. Nonetheless, it seems like these sides are close. Maybe with the recent news of the Clippers walking away to pursue a different coach, the Celtics will budge and accept the Clippers' offer, or at least drop Bledsoe from their proposal.

According to Bill Simmons, the Celtics' "ideal scenario" would be even more than that, but we'll put that aside for a moment as Danny asking for the moon. Let us look at this deal from both sides.

The Clippers want to hold onto as many assets as possible. Eric Bledsoe is a nice young point guard that has value on the market. So they'd rather not give him and another pick up in this deal. Their backup plan (and leverage) is pushing away from the table and getting Lionel Hollins. They wouldn't be getting Kevin Garnett, but they might be able to get something for Bledsoe and perhaps Jordan and keep their picks. Is that enough to convince Chris Paul to stay? Tough to tell.

For the Celtics, of course they are going to ask for the moon but at some point their demands have to meet somewhat in the middle. DeAndre Jordan is a nice (if flawed) young center and a (low) first round pick seems like pretty good compensation for Kevin Garnett alone. Tossing Doc into the mix it seems to tilt the scales in LA's favor too much to me.

Can both sides agree on a compromise of including either the 1st rounder or Bledsoe? We'll see I guess.


Celtics-Clippers talks to send Doc Rivers, Kevin Garnett to L.A. stall - Yahoo! Sports

Boston general manager Danny Ainge has requested Bledsoe and a second first-round pick, but all involved believe that Bledsoe's inclusion into the package would get a deal done. Rivers has delivered word to Clippers management that they shouldn't include Bledsoe into a package for him, that he wants to coach him in Los Angeles, sources said.

Interesting. So Doc himself could be stalling the negotiations.

There are also several combinations of adding salaries on either side and/or including Paul Pierce in some kind of deal that could push things along. Then there's everyone's favorite "getting a 3rd team involved" scenario.

For now, the Celtics have to prepare for a potential complete breakdown of the deal that involves (potentially) Doc Rivers coming back into an "awkward" situation.

But can they put that toothpaste back into the tube? Is there any return to "normal" from this point?

And then there's the tangential effect here. What happens with Rajon Rondo in either scenario. KG is perhaps his best friend left on the team and Rondo loves Doc Rivers. What happens to him if they trade both away and get his potential replacement in return? And if the deal falls through, how exactly is he going to react to all of this?

What a jumbled mess this is. We knew it would be an interesting summer but this is kind of a ridiculous way to start it off.

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