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Is Doc's plan B a return to broadcasting?

Even if the trade doesn't go through, we might not see Doc Rivers back on the sidelines for Boston next year.

Christian Petersen

The trade is stuck in neutral (at least according to sources) for now. I wouldn't consider it done until the Clippers actually hire a coach not named Doc Rivers. However, if that happens, that doesn't mean that we'll see Doc flash his winning smile and warm our hearts with a big "I couldn't leave you guys!" speech. He might be pulling his next paycheck from working microphone (and no, I'm not talking about a rap career).

Source: Rivers could leave C's for broadcast booth | Comcast SportsNet -

A league source tells that Rivers has not entirely ruled out taking some time off to resume his broadcasting career and return afterwards to coach. "You guys (media) have been around Doc long enough to know that's always been something he's talked about," the source said. "So it shouldn't come as a surprise. And frankly, now is probably as good a time as any for him to go that route." In recent years, Rivers has said on more than one occasion that he would most likely take a sabbatical from coaching to recharge as well as spend more time with his family. That might be a good idea when you consider the likely backlash Rivers will face upon a return to Boston.

So this gets better and better (sarcastically at least). We might be left with no Pierce (waived), no KG (traded or retired), and Vinnie Del Negro instead of Doc Rivers. Quick, buy stock in Pepcid AC cause I'm going to CostCo for a crate of it.

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