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How about a three way trade? Sorting out the Celtics, Clippers stalemate

Is it time to get creative? And by "creative" I mean complex.

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If the Celtics and Clippers cannot work something out between the two parties, another option might be to try to make this complex deal even more complicated. Like for instance, by including a third team into the mix. A team like the Magic or Pacers or perhaps even the Rockets or Mavericks or a team I haven't thought of yet.

The Clippers are trying to hold onto Bledsoe in order to get something else in return for him.

Proposed Celtics-Clippers deal could impact Magic's progress

If you believe the Internet intel, the Los Angeles Clippers and the Magic have been discussing a trade that would send promising young point guard Eric Bledsoe and veteran forward Caron Butler to Orlando for shooting guard Arron Afflalo. But the Clippers want to use Bledsoe in a separate deal (as long as they know starter Chris Paul is staying), either to obtain Afflalo, Indiana's Danny Granger or a player to be named later.

Maybe the reason the two teams didn't talk yesterday was because one or the other was busy making phone calls to other teams. Could the Magic be roped into a discussion to still get Bledsoe but to send an asset in the direction of the Celtics? Perhaps the Celtics could include Pierce going to Orlando (who would waive him for cap purposes) as part of the deal. Same could be said for the Pacers.

Or if we really want to get creative, how about a similar deal with the Rockets or the Mavericks? Two teams looking to shed salary cap space in an effort to lure a big name free agent? That might be complicated if one of those teams was theoretically hoping to land Chris Paul. Why help the Clippers keep a guy that you'd be clearing space to go after? But if they had their eyes set on Dwight Howard or even a run at some lesser big name free agents (Josh Smith, Iggy, Big Al, Millsap, etc.). We know that the Mavericks have been dangling their 1st round draft pick and the Rockets have talked about offloading Thomas Robinson. Maybe we could help them out.

I don't have the time right now to come up with any "who says no?" Bill Simmons like proposals, but that wouldn't stop you from jumping onto the trade checker.

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