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Celtics and Clippers still talking, still unable to agree upon a deal (for now)

By now you know the drill.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

We know that the Celtics have countered the Clippers with an offer that includes them sending unwanted salaries to Los Angeles. It is unclear if that would be Jason Terry or Courtney Lee but it seems like the Clippers are reluctant to accept those terms as of yet.

Which once again leaves both teams trying to play the "I could just walk away" card. Despite the fact that both teams are so far into this that walking away would be hard.

Here's the Celtics spin.

Celtics Insider | Boston Herald

The fact he has had this Clipper flirtation is serving to let other clubs know he is no longer locked in to the Celtics for the long term. The C's could still hold him for ransom a year or more down the line. As for the potential that Rivers returns to the Celts if this deal fails, sources were stating all day that Ainge and the club would have no problem with such a scenario. The team's first choice all along was to rebuild from a stable base that includes Rivers. And he is still seen as a valuable recruiting tool if the team eventually achieves the kind of financial flexibility that will allow it to go after a premier free agent -- though that likely takes a hit with his willingness to leave. But as of now, the Celtics have reached the point where they'd just as soon see things through with the Clippers.

And here's the Clippers spin.

Where the spinning stops and the deal gets struck is anyone's guess. But I still don't feel like this is going to end without a deal.

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