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In honor of Gino Time!

Kevin Garnett may not be here next year, but Gino will be. We'll always have Gino.

Jared Wickerham

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Up 20 with 3 minutes to play, the opposing team calls a time out. What's your first thought? That's right. GINO TIME!

Gino night fever - The Boston Globe

When things are going irreversibly great for the Celtics, which is to say frequently, here comes "Shake Your Booty" on the sound system along with a clip from disco-era "American Bandstand." The clip has lots of dancers. But amid the Afros and the flamboyance and the groups doing the Hustle, the bearded white guy dancing with himself in the snug Gino Vannelli top stands out. He looks like he cut Mr. Kotter's class to boogie at Dick Clark's. His shirt is too tight. But his moves are just right.

Coaches aren't allowed to smoke on the sidelines anymore, so this has become the Celtics favored "victory cigar."

Aside from winning a Championship, nothing has given Kevin Garnett more pure, unchecked joy than watching Gino do his little dance high above the parquet floor.

It remains to be seen just how often we'll be able to see this routine in the coming years, but it has given fans, players, and coaches alike a great deal of amusement over the last several years and I hope it is something that continues to be a tradition for years to come.

So for one more time as we head into the meat of the offseaon, enjoy some Gino.

GINO TIME (via aidsishere)

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