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Jonathan Daniel

It appears that the Los Angeles Clippers are unwilling to add a second first round draft pick to their proposed offer but I believe Danny Ainge should have just caved in to their demands and taken the original deal. I know, I know...DeAndre Jordan and one first round draft pick isn't exactly the best you can get for a great head coach in Doc Rivers and a future Hall of Famer in Kevin Garnett.

But maybe that is the best you can get -- think about it. In all likelihood, Doc Rivers is leaving the team anyway. With this deal apparently off the table, Doc goes back into broadcasting, leaving the Celtics with absolutely nothing in compensation. Think about this from the Clippers' perspective too. Who's to say that in another year or two Doc Rivers might decide he wants to leave Los Angeles? Whether or not the Clippers have success, Doc might decide that he wants to go into broadcasting before his contract ends with them. If he's going to do it in Boston, a place he has lots of history with, what's stopping him from doing it in Los Angeles?

Where is the value there?

For the Celtics, there isn't much at all. No matter what, he's probably gone. For the Clippers, they have other choices and they wouldn't have to pay them $35 million dollars. Doc was also reported to be second guessing his decision just yesterday, creating doubt for the Clippers that he would even stay the length of his contract. It's no wonder that they were unwilling to take on more salary or add another draft pick.

What about Kevin Garnett? He's still a great player, but he's 37 years old and has two or three seasons left in the NBA at the most. Not to mention the fact he played through bone spurs last season and is always an injury risk, especially as he continues to age.

Kevin Garnett is still an extremely valuable player on the court. For around 30 minutes per game, KG would take any team's defense to another level and provide them with timely baskets on the offensive end. But Garnett won't be in the NBA for much longer and is prone to injury. I do believe the Clippers are undervaluing him, but I can't blame them for their concerns.

From Boston's perspective, Garnett can still be dealt to another team. But again, like the situation with Doc Rivers, the longer you wait, the more his value shrinks. If KG starts the year with Boston, the door is open for him to get injured or even regress on the court. By the trade deadline, another team may decide they won't give more than a single draft pick for him.

I was an advocate for blowing it up during the 2011/2012 season, so, at this point, I think this trade offer was a gift for the Celts. I believe Doc Rivers for DeAndre Jordan is great value for both teams and Kevin Garnett for a 2014 first round draft pick is too. If it turns out the first rounder is from this year, I do believe a future draft pick should be added.

Yes, the Clippers might be crazy not to add a distant first round draft pick just to get this deal done. But in their original proposal Boston was still able to acquire a young big man with potential and a valuable draft pick in return for an aging superstar and an unhappy coach that is leaving anyway...what more can you ask for?

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