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Clippers call off talks for Doc Rivers - real or posturing?

You be the judge if this is real or another posturing move by the Clippers and Celtics.


Latest updates:

Los Angeles Clippers walk away from Boston Celtics deal -- sources - ESPN Boston

The Los Angeles Clippers have once again walked away from the bargaining table and just might be done with the talks to acquire Kevin Garnett and Doc Rivers from the Boston Celtics for good, sources said Tuesday morning. The teams have no plans to speak again, the sources said, and the Clippers are preparing to move on and hire a coach this week. The talks broke down Tuesday morning when the Clippers "refused to budge" on Boston's latest proposal that asked for DeAndre Jordan, straight up for Garnett, and two first-round draft picks as compensation for allowing Rivers out of the final three-years and $21 million of his contract.

I still say that it isn't done until the Clippers hire a coach but this seems about as close to dead as it could be without being officially over.

So, if it is over, now what?

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