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Clippers re-engage in talks with Celtics, determined to get deal done

Game on. Sounds like Chris Paul gave the Clippers a little nudge and told them to go get the deal done.


Here we go again. As expected, talks are back on. And sooner than we thought.

Sounds like the Clippers are the aggressors this time and perhaps even a little bit eager to get it done. Hopefully that works in our favor.

It isn't clear if this had anything to do with the meeting between Ainge and Doc but it does sound like Doc wants to move on to another team rather than back to the booth.

Doc Rivers, Danny Ainge of Boston Celtics meet to settle future, sources say - ESPN Boston

Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers and president of basketball operations Danny Ainge met Wednesday evening with the hopes of settling the coach's future with the club, sources told ESPN.

Rivers' preference, sources said, is to coach next season. He would also have the option of returning to broadcasting if he did not want to continue with the Celtics and an exit to the Clippers could not be facilitated.

Update: Sounds like Chris Paul gave the Clippers a little nudge and told them to go get the deal done.

Clippers restart talks with Celtics on Kevin Garnett-Doc Rivers deal - Yahoo! Sports

With a full understanding that free agent Chris Paul wants this deal completed, the Los Angeles Clippers re-engaged the Boston Celtics on the Kevin Garnett-Doc Rivers negotiations on Wednesday afternoon, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Update 2:

Celtics Insider | Boston Herald

The C's, said one source, are holding the line on their demand. The possibility of altering the deal in a way that still meets the Celtics' desire to jump start their rebuilding process remains, but it seems fairly clear at this point that Danny Ainge wants longer term assets in any exchange.

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