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Trade snag?: Marc Stein reports possible league concerns

Trading a player--especially one of Kevin Garnett's caliber--is difficult and including a coach like Doc Rivers makes it even muddier.

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Jim Rogash

As Jeff pointed out earlier on Twitter, it's as simple as breaking it down into two trades: Garnett for DeAndre Jordan and Doc Rivers for two first-round draft picks. What might be tricky is the remainder of Paul Pierce's contract. Is there an agreement that the Celtics will buy out Pierce or trade him to a team with the understanding that they'll buy him out and he'll eventually sign with the Clippers as a free agent?

As Steve Bulpett hinted to last night when this whole debacle restarted, "there are some with a stake in this who have doubts a deal will get done." Could there be a third team involved who has a "stake" in this trade, too?


There are no details on what might be the inequalities of the deal. As mentioned above, I still think there's an issue with what will eventually happen to The Captain. My guess is that the league wants to know Danny's motivation and future dealings over the next two weeks. If Pierce is going to join KG and Doc in LA, how might he get there and who else is involved?


That's David Stern on The Herd discussing the deal. In short, the league has a watchful eye on both coasts of this deal. The semantics of whether this is actually two deals or one seem moot to me still. The commish just wants to know what the bottom line is and dare I say, what The Truth is. If we're just talking about Doc and KG, the inclusion of more or less players and/or picks doesn't change the fact that the Clippers are some how compensating the Celtics for releasing Rivers from his contract. What Stern has to be wary about are the third and fourth and fifth steps of Danny's rebuilding project.

Another update:

NBA raises concerns about Clippers, Celtics trade

The deal could still get done, but one of two adjustments may need to be made: the Celtics may need to offer more in the deal than just Garnett, with draft picks the most logical possibility; the Clippers, who have been attempting to give up just one first-round draft pick, may be allowed to give up less in the trade. The real trade value of the 37-year-old is at the center of this discussion, as the idea that Boston could net two first-round draft picks and a respectable replacement in Jordan who is 13 years younger clearly doesn't calculate for league officials.

No. Just no.

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