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Woj: Clippers won't give up draft pick for Doc

OK, this is just getting crazy stupid now.

Jim Rogash

Let me get this straight: the Clippers are cool with Doc+KG for Jordan+2 first round picks, but if the deal has to be "separated" in order to satisfy David Stern, they won't do Doc for a single first round pick? Does that mean KG for Jordan+1 first round pick doesn't work either? If we're going to collectively create this charade that the deals are independent of each other, does it matter when the picks are traded?

At first, I thought Danny bumbled this deal by backing off his request for Bledsoe. Then, when the Clippers balked at the additional first rounder, they were being a little too stingy. But now that the league has stepped in order to make everything look "fair," the egg is squarely on Stern's face. I can't wait for the Oliver Stone movie though.

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