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Report: Doc never intended to stick around for rebuilding



I'm not going to quote the whole thing so you had better run over to the Herald and read this latest update by Steve Bulpett. So much to unpack here. This is how it starts.

Celtics Insider | Boston Herald

Doc Rivers never planned to be a part of the Celtics' rebuilding process, and the club was basically aware of that fact when he signed his latest contract, a source told the Herald today. That person further insisted the coach did not initiate the process that may yet send him to the Clippers for compensation, though that possibility seems to be growing more distant.

It gets even better... go read.

Some highlights:

  • Remember those comments about wanting to be the next Sloan/Popovich? He just said that so that to make the players feel better about signing on with the Celtics.
  • Danny Ainge initiated the talks with the Clippers and in fact had begun negotiations with them before Doc even got involved.
  • Doc is growing frustrated with the process and wants resolution by tomorrow morning.
  • He still wants the Clippers job (and has a contract negotiated already) but could leave for a broadcasting job for "a year or two."
  • If he gets the Clippers gig, he'll have control of personnel decisions (so a defacto GM deal)

My impression after reading this is that this came from Doc's camp (ie. his agent or someone like that). In fact, I would venture to guess that all this was leaked in order to put pressure on Danny Ainge to make a deal with the Clippers or risk losing him for nothing.

If so, then I would have to question if this relationship is as cookies and ice cream as it has always been made out to be. Very, very interesting stuff here.

Should be interesting to see where this ends up in the morning.

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