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If it all falls apart, could you accept Doc Rivers back as coach?

Just an open thread on an interesting subject.


It sounds like Doc Rivers wants to coach. It doesn't sound like he wants to coach the Celtics in a rebuilding effort but a) that rebuilding effort hasn't actually started yet so they may yet "run it back" for kicks and b) it is entirely likely that a deal might not be struck between the Clippers and Celtics.

Doc can either wait it out and see if another club comes offering the Celtics compensation or sit out a year or two and go into broadcasting again.

Or another, however implausible, option is to return to the Celtics and coach for at least one more year in Boston. Nobody is truly sure if the coach would be open to doing that or (despite their adamant storyline) if the Celtics would be open to that. Since we can't be sure of that, I thought I'd ask you about your feelings.

Could you accept Doc Rivers back as coach? Not that we have any say, but what would your feelings be if Doc and Danny held a smiling press conference today announcing that he was back as coach of the Celtics and that no coaching changes would be made this year?

Would your answer change if the team made it known (or even made an announcement) that they would not be trading Kevin Garnett or releasing Paul Pierce?

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