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Back to the table: Clippers offering 2015 first rounder

Here we go again.


You got that right. With Danny Ainge upping the ante this morning with a threat of a press conference to announce who knows what, the Clippers have decided to increase their offer. Just yesterday, the offer was nothing. The Clippers offered nothing for the services of Doc Rivers. Not a first round pick. Nothing. So, they're upping the offer from zero. Woj reported last night that the Denver Nuggets were willing to give up a first round pick for Doc, so hey, let's start there.


Is that enough, everybody? A first-rounder is definitely better than a 2nd round pick and odds are, it won't matter if it's protected with the Clippers a shoe-in as at least a playoff team for the next few seasons. 2015 is two years away and the rebuilding process could certainly take that long, but my guess is that Danny is gunning for a pick in the loaded draft class of 2014.

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