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Deal dead

Mark Murphy and Adrian Wojnarowski are reporting that the Celtics and Clippers are at an impasse.

Grant Halverson

This is becoming all kinds of ridiculousness. How many times is this going to flat line? Is this just a show for the league office so it looks like there were some real negotiations going on? At this point, is Doc negotiating with Danny for the Celtics or for the Clippers? Does Los Angeles call for a press conference with Brian Shaw for Monday morning?

More details from Murphy:

Source: There will be no Rivers deal

"The deal is dead," he said. "There's never been a deal, really, and there still isn't. Things have changed at times in (negotiations), but I don't see how that is going to happen now."

The press conference was cancelled not because of negotiations, but because Rivers needed additional time to ponder his future, which now appears to consist either of a return to the Celtics next season or a decision to walk away for a year or two.

Chris Paul, it's time to pick up your cell phone again.


It's difficult not to be skeptical, but it Doc is deciding to shut down negotiations, there's nothing more that can really be done, right? Is this the silver bullet? Is this the wooden stake?

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