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Done deal: Doc to Clippers for 2015 unprotected pick

Per Wojo, the deal is done.


It still has to get by David Stern, but apparently the deal has been struck.

Los Angeles Clippers agree in principle to Doc Rivers deal -- sources - ESPN Boston

Contrary to previous reports, according to league and team sources, the Celtics have been complicit all along in assisting Rivers make the switch from Boston to Los Angeles. Although Danny Ainge, the Celtics' director of basketball operations, was initially irked that Rivers was lukewarm about returning to Boston, where a rebuilding process will soon be underway, team sources said he recognized the best way to accumulate first-round draft picks, which he covets, would be to relinquish his two most valued assets -- Rivers and Kevin Garnett. Since then, he and Rivers have been working side by side to secure a deal that is best for both parties, sources said.

So what's next? Well, Kevin Garnett (if they can convince the league that any deals with the Clippers are not tied to this Doc Rivers deal) and Paul Pierce (MacMullan indicates that they are looking for a 1st rounder for him and are prepared to keep him if they don't get it). The Celtics will also have to pick a new coach and do the draft on Thursday. Should be an interesting week or so.

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