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UPDATED: Doc Rivers' deal official, press conference tomorrow

Make. It . Stop.

Christian Petersen

I have no idea what could be the hangup at this point (see update below) but apparently the deal still hasn't been filed with the NBA because, contrary to an earlier report, it hasn't been fully agreed upon yet.

Celtics Insider | Boston Herald

According to a league source, the NBA is still waiting for a final proposal from the Celtics and Clippers on a deal that would send Doc Rivers out west for a first round draft pick. A second source said that there's a good reason - though both sides were thought to have reached agreement last night, the deal still hasn't been finalized. "Not done. Looks like it will get done eventually. Don't know when. No trade call yet nor scheduled yet," the source just said via text message.

So the infamous press conference is pushed back even further.


Also FYI:

Brian Shaw to be named head coach of Denver Nuggets - Denver Stiffs

The Denver Nuggets will hire Brian Shaw as head coach, according to the Denver Post's Benjamin Hochman.


Press conference scheduled tomorrow to introduce Doc to LA.

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