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Kevin O'Connor's 2013 NBA Mock Draft

With the 16 pick of my mock draft, the Boston Celtics select...


The actual order of tonight's NBA Draft is impossible to predict, never mind the players that will be selected in each slot. Considering the amount of trades that are expected to take place making up a mock draft seems rather silly to do. Regardless, for the sake of discussion, here is my mock draft. All of these selections assume that a team keeps their current draft pick. Of course, everyone knows that won't be the case.

During tonight's NBA Draft I'd love to talk about the draft with the readers, so follow and tweet me @Kevin__OConnor! Shoot me a message!

1. Nerlens Noel, C - Cleveland Cavaliers

Noel has too much talent not to be the number one pick. I think he's so amazing defensively that he creates offense that way, even if he isn't the one scoring the baskets.

2. Victor Oladipo, SG - Orlando Magic

If Noel drops here, I think Orlando takes him, but Oladipo is pretty hard to pass up if they can't find a trade partner like Oklahoma City.

3. Otto Porter, SF - Washington Wizards

Otto Porter would be the safe selection but Anthony Bennett could take their team to another level offensively. Alongside John Wall and Bradley Beal, they could have their own "Big 3" in the making.

4. Anthony Bennett, PF - Charlotte Bobcats

It's hard to figure out what Charlotte would look for here, so I have them taking the player with arguably the highest upside on the offensive end.

5. Ben McLemore, SG - Phoenix Suns

McLemore would look great running the fast break with Goran Dragic. I've got a feeling that the Suns could pass on him and take the next best big available.

6. Alex Len, C - New Orleans Pelicans

I think the Pels would be ecstatic if Len fell to them. Having Anthony Davis and Alex Len as part of your frontcourt would be incredible.

7. Trey Burke, PG - Sacramento Kings

There are reports that the Kings love C.J. McCollum but I don't see how they can pass on Trey Burke.

8. C.J. McCollum, SG - Detroit Pistons

C.J. McCollum could give the Pistons their best guard since Chauncey Billups was in his prime.

9. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, SG - Minnesota Timberwolves

Chad Ford seems pretty certain that the T-Wolves love Caldwell-Pope, so I'm trusting his opinion here. I'd go another direction though.

10. Cody Zeller, PF - Portland Trail Blazers

If the Blazers move LeMarcus Aldridge, Cody Zeller is the perfect replacement since he brings an advanced understanding of scoring to the NBA.

11. Kelly Olynyk, C - Philadelphia 76ers

The 76ers think they can win now and Olynyk helps provide them with an offensive spark off the bench.

12. Steven Adams, C - Oklahoma City Thunder

By the time Kendrick Perkins is a free agent, Steven Adams could be ready to step in and be their starting center. The Thunder are trying hard to trade up though.

13. Sergey Karasev, SF - Dallas Mavericks

I think the Mavericks will trade this pick but if they don't Karasev seems like a reasonable player since they can stash him overseas.

14. Lucas Nogueria, C - Utah Jazz

With the reports that Schroeder won't stay overseas, I think Utah will wait on selecting a point guard and go with the young Brazilian center.

15. Michael Carter-Williams, PG - Milwaukee Bucks

With both Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings on the free agent market, the Bucks need a point guard. "MCW" is probably the top guy on their board.

16. Shabazz Muhammad, SF - Boston Celtics

With Paul Pierce on the way out the Celtics are in need of a guy that has the potential to be a star scorer. Muhammad has ways to go before reaching that stage but has the potential to be a huge difference maker offensively.

17. Gorgui Dieng, C - Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks could seriously use a center and Dieng could potentially start right away alongside Al Horford.

18. Giannis Antetokounmpo, SF - Atlanta Hawks

With Josh Smith probably on his way out, Atlanta may opt for an NBA-ready forward, but Giannis arguably has the best potential of any player left on the board.

19. Reggie Bullock, SF - Cleveland Cavaliers

Reggie Bullock is the perfect complimentary player for the Cavs. He plays rock solid defense and is a knockdown three-point shooter. He's the "lite Otto Porter" of this draft.

20. Jamaal Frankin, SG - Chicago Bulls

Head coach Tom Thibodeau values defense and Jamaal Franklin would provide them with that immediately. They could opt for a shooter like Crabbe or Bullock.

21. Dennis Schroeder, PG - Utah Jazz

I have Schroeder sliding because there are reports saying he wants to play in the NBA immediately. One problem: he's not ready. But the Jazz can't pass up on him at this point.

22. Shane Larkin, PG - Brooklyn Nets

With C.J. Watson leaving Brooklyn, they could really use a scoring guard off the bench and Larkin provides them with that.

23. Tony Snell, SG - Indiana Pacers

Between Glen Rice Jr. and Tony Snell, I think the Pacers will opt for a guy that doesn't need the ball in his hands all the time. Snell is a great role player that can knockdown jump shots.

24. Mason Plumlee, PF - New York Knicks

The Knicks could let Plumlee continue to slide but he's too good of a talent to pass up. Jeff Withey is an option if they want a defensive orientated big.

25. Erick Green, PG - Los Angeles Clippers

I think the Eric Bledsoe for Arron Afflalo trade will happen which means the Clippers will need a backup point guard. Green gives them a scoring spark off the bench.

26. Glen Rice Jr., SG - Minnesota Timberwolves

The Timberwolves desperately need a scoring wing and Glen Rice could immediately provide them with that.

27. Tim Hardaway Jr., SG - Denver Nuggets

Hardaway Jr. would provide the Nuggets with a guard off the bench that can provide a scoring park much like a Jamal Crawford.

28. Tony Mitchell, PF - San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs are one of the best in the league at developing young players and Mitchell will need that kind of guidance in the NBA. He brings a young, athletic body to an otherwise old team.

29. Ricardo Ledo, SG - Oklahoma City Thunder

The Thunder potentially find a James Harden replacement all the way at the bottom of the first round. Ledo is a raw scorer but has the tools to be a terrific player.

30. Rudy Gobert, C - Phoenix Suns

Gobert is raw but he's too hard to pass up at #30. The Suns already grabbed their shooter in McLemore at #5 and get a big man project late in the first round.

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