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Celtics could get a trade exception from the Nets deal

Eric Pincus ran some numbers and has come up with a few interesting bits about the agreed upon deal with the Celtics and Nets.


The Celtics and Nets have agreed in principle on their blockbuster sending Pierce, Garnett, and Jason Terry to Brooklyn. The return package of picks and players has been mostly agreed upon by the various outlets, but there has been some confusion and conflicting reports about some of the details of which low-salary guys could be coming to the Celtics.

The two sides have some time to iron out all the details as the deal can't be completed till July 10. Eric Pincus has run some numbers and come up with some interesting notes about what the deal particulars could include.

Bogans Gets Paid Well in Celtics, Nets Deal | HOOPSWORLD | Basketball News & NBA Rumors

For one thing, Keith Bogans will get a nice raise for playing along.

Since Bogans just finished his second-straight year with the Nets, the team has his Early Bird Rights. The team can pay him up to the league average salary next season (approximately $5.3 million). A league executive, unable to comment publicly on the proposed trade, confirmed that Bogans will indeed earn about $5 million to make the blockbuster go through.

The Bogans deal will be for 3 years (per league rules on S&T deals) but you can count on the last two years being team options - making it effectively a 1 year deal.

In addition, if they split the trade up into several parts, the Celtics would get back a trade exception for $7.3 million. That's a useful tool that they could use in the next year to add a player via trade.

Only time will tell how this all shakes out, but I tend to think things are not all locked in stone as of yet. For example, I wouldn't be too surprised to see the expiring contract of Kris Humphries go to a 3rd team. I kind of doubt that we could find a new home for Gerald Wallace and the $30 million left on his contract without giving up some of the assets that we've just picked up.

It will be interesting to see if Ainge will try to move Brandon Bass as part of another deal. Lots of moving pieces here.

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