What is really up (tempo)?

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

For the last two years I have read quotes from Danny and Doc about playing up-tempo basketball. Just recently DA said that that is the direction that Doc wants to go. I for one have not seen any real committment to this style...even before Rondo went down. In fact, the only time we really pushed the ball was when (after RR went down) we had players playing out of position and did not really know the sets. Coincidentally, thats when we played the best, and had the most players involved and contributing. Danny also referred to this style as requiring a commitment (ala Denver) to push after makes and misses...and that it might affect our defensive philosophy and/or success to a degree.

Is this statement an indication that PP/KG are not coming back? I mean, how can Doc and Danny really make any plans for a running team with PP/KG on the court... and possibly without Rondo to start the year? This is not to say that it might not be better to somehow add a decent big and play with KG/PP... its just an interesting statement at this particular time.

We already have some players (Bradley,Lee,Green, Rondo) that could be a solid nucleus for such a style.... but somehow (if they really want to do this) DA needs to somehow cobble together some trades (Bass, Terry, PP,KG, Melo) for athletic guys (Bledsoe, D. Williams, Hickson etc) ..and draft picks like maybe Saric /Adams/Schroeder. Dallas/Houston/Portland is trying to clear space and want to dump their picks. Problem is we have Terry/Bass/Lee all making 5 million + .... so what low salary guys do we have to give up?

Are we really trying to play up-tempo next year....(should we?)... or is this just a yearly sound bite from Doc and Danny?

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