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Ray Allen back in Boston?

With Miami facing elimination tonight against Indiana, there's a rumor that Ray Allen has already made plans for next season.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Take this for what it's worth right now. Ray has an option to stay in South Beach for 2013-2014 and this is just someone hearing someone say something that's "close" to Allen. He wanted a bigger role when he went to Miami last summer, but he's been relegated to just shooting threes in the ECF and struggled. With Wade and Bosh hurting too, he's become an underperforming sidekick to the underperforming sidekicks.

But if anything, this is a nice little tidbit that has hit the rumor mill 12 hours before the Heat face the Pacers in a Game 7 tonight. It hasn't got a lot of transaction in the Twitterverse, but I like anything that might disrupt LeBron's run at another title.

Now personally, on whether or not the Celtics should entertain the idea of bringing back Ray on the vet minimum next season, I'm absolutely against it. Not only would I rather give those minutes to Courtney Lee and potentially develop Jordan Crawford, there is no way I can get over Benedict Allen's actions last summer.

It's the same reason I want Paul Pierce to stay in Boston and Rajon Rondo to come back in Celtic green next season: loyalty.

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