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Boston Celtics guard Terrence Williams waived

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The Boston Celtics announced that they have waived 26-year-old guard Terrence Williams. This move likely has to do with his arrest from May this year when he was accused of brandishing his gun. Whether or not Williams is guilty of such accusation, the Celtics clearly didn't want to deal with this headache going forward.

That arrest was obviously bad news for Terrence Williams' future with the team since he wasn't a lock to make the roster in the first place. With the overflow of guards on the team, he would have had to fight for a spot anyway.

After playing this past year in China, Williams was signed by the Celtics in March. He appeared in 24 games and averaged 4.6 points, 1.8 rebounds, and 1.6 assists in 13.3 minutes per game.